This is a commission for a new and original work. Existing artworks and/or concepts will not be accepted as part of any application. 

Submissions will only be accepted by artists who identify, and are identified by their community, as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person. In the case of an artist collective, all artists must identify and be identified as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

The public artwork is not intended to be a memorial of any kind.

Submissions will be assessed on:

  • a clear concept that communicates ideas relevant to the project brief
  • artistic merit as evidenced in the visual material provided
  • demonstrated ability to work on signficant projects within timelines and budget
  • previous relevant experience in the public realm
  • demonstrated ability to create work that engages with a broad market
  • demonstrated ability to work on permanent and durable work
  • experience with materials of relevance to the proposed design

Sculptural and structural designs:

The successful proposal may need to be certified during the design development stage by a structural engineer for material and architectural strength. It is recommended that preliminary discussions with qualified engineers take place before the submission of this design proposal. 

*Please note, you can save your submission at any time and come back to it. However, once submitted, no more changes can be made.

The following steps will be undertaken to select the successful submission:

1. The submissions will be assessed for eligibility, with incomplete submissions considered ineligible. The assessment will be conducted by the RCH150 team to consider durability, risk management, public safety, operational, budgetary and maintenance matters. 

2. The proposals will be presented to Royal Children's Hospital patients to ascertain their responses and feedback. This, with the initial RCH150 assessment report, will be provided to the Project Steering Committee.

3. The Project Steering Committee will assess the submissions against the set project criteria, review the reports provided to them (as per steps one and two above), and shortlist up to five proposals;

4. The shortlisted artists will then be engaged to further develop their proposal. Each shortlisted artist will be paid an honorarium of $2,000. Artist collectives will receive a total honorarium of $2,000.

5. The shortlisted artists will present their revised proposals to the Project Steering Committee. 

6. The Project Steering Committee will assess the revised proposals, before making a final recommendation for approval to the Chief Executive Officers of the RCH and the RCH Foundation. 

Royal Children's Hospital Foundation Melbourne